Wednesday, September 8, 2010

FIrst Lab for Foods I

Today we had our first lab in foods and nutrition I.  They have been studying proper sanitation procedures, so to practice what they have learned they made tacos.  You might think this is a waste of time, but there are several important things students put into practice. They are handling raw meat with fresh produce, so it is important that they do not cross contaminate the foods.  E Coli can be found in ground beef, so they have to make sure it is cooked thoroughly, 165 degress.  Just getting ready for a lab is a big deal.They have to restrain long hair, put on aprons, wash hands with soap for 20 seconds, and wash off counters.  I gave them very little instruction as I wanted to see how well they could read a recipe and follow instructions.  I never stops amazing me how much I take for granted......terms like "brown the ground beef"; "drain the fat off"; etc.  Over all I think things went well.  They did, however; find out how fast the class goes by on lab day.

Friday, May 28, 2010

To My Seniors

Rascal Flats say it better than I ever could........................

I will miss you all.  Stop by and see me; my door is always open.

Jeremiah 29:11

~~~Go Tigers~~~

Mrs. P

Monday, February 8, 2010

Home Economics......Don't Leave School Without It.

Most of what I really need to know about life and what to do and how to be..... I learned in home economics (now called Family and Consumer Science).  I didn't learn it in calculus or physics or French..... I learned it in my home economics class.

This is what I learned...Choose foods from the food pyramid.  Avoid fats and sweets.  Keep your food safe.  Choose cloths to flatter your body type.  Clean and fix them when needed.  Budget your money wisely.  Shop sales.  Read labels, leases, sales and mortgage agreements very carefully.  Don't be a parent too soon.  It's also a good idea to married first.  Choose someone you get along with....then have the baby.  Nuture it, love it, give it the right discipline and know when to let it go.  Learn to balance work and family.  Learn to get along with others.....Learn to like yourself.

Think of what a better world it would be if we were all equipped with the life skills taught in home economics.....If we all had strong happy families.....Had balanced budgets....Could resolve conflict without violence.

It's still true, no matter how old you are....Whether you are male or female....What career you have chosen....It;s still best to go out into the world equipped with basic life skills.........

I wish I could take credit for this, but I can't.  This was written by Marilyn Swierk, 1993 National Home Economics Teacher of the Year.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Why I Teach

I can remember several years ago Mrs. C Sutton addressed students at graduation.  During her remarks, she commented on "finding your passion."  I try to stress that when I talk to students who are deciding what classes to take or what they want to do when they get out of high school.  Take me for instance;  I cannot imagine doing anything else.  I have my "dream" job.  Sure there are those days when I think I could find a less stressful job and not have any papers to grade at home or labs to prepare for, and we have all had days where we just don't see eye-to-eye with a student or two.   But ask anyone who knows me,  this feeling doesn't last long. So challenge to you is to take a good look at yourself and ask "what is my passion?"  You might be surprised.